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The psychology of money

The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness

The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, “I can do whatever I want today.”

People want to become wealthier to make them happier. Happiness is a complicated subject because everyone’s different. But if there’s a common denominator in happiness—a universal fuel of joy—it’s that people want to control their lives.

The ability to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, for as long as you want, is priceless. It is the highest dividend money pays

Your money or your life

Your money or your life

What is fulfillment? Whether in the sense of accomplishing a goal or enjoying a moment of real contentment, fulfillment is that experience of deep satisfaction when you can say, Aaahh . . . that was a delicious meal, a job well done or a purchase worth the money. To find fulfillment, though, you need to know what you are looking for. It’s fairly easy to know what fulfillment is in terms of food or other temporary pleasures. But to have fulfillment in the larger sense, to have a fulfilled life, you need to have a sense of purpose, a dream of what a good life might be.For many of us, however, “growing up” has meant outgrowing our dreams. The aspiration to write a great book has shrunk to writing advertising copy. The dream of being an inspiring preacher has evolved into being an administrator and a mediator between the factions in the congregation. Instead of really knowing who their patients are, how their patients live or the challenges in their lives, doctors today are plagued with back-to-back fifteen-minute patient visits and malpractice suits. The dream of traveling around the world becomes two weeks a year of hitting the tourist traps. Living a fulfilling and meaningful life seems almost impossible, given the requirements of simply meeting day-to-day needs and problems. Yet, at one time or another practically every one of us has had a dream of what we wanted our lives to be.

Good money Revolution: How to make more money to do more good

Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good

THINK OF A time when you received a bonus at work, a surprise check in the mail, or a gift card from a friend just because they were thinking of you. Or just think of that feeling whenever you remember it’s payday! Cha-ching! How do you feel? Angry, disappointed, sad? Probably not. Instead, you’re pumping your fist and feeling happy. But we all know that feeling doesn’t last.

It’s nice to have money. Having enough to stay current on your bills and a little left over at the end of the month is a good feeling. Anyone with the experience of being able to consistently pay off their debts and then their mortgage on the pathway to becoming debt-free knows that it translates into a powerful feeling of satisfaction. There is a happiness and a tranquility that come along with it. Insulating yourself from the pressure of being overwhelmed by your bills reduces anxiety, and the knowledge that you were the one who made good decisions to make that happen and to protect your family—of course, it makes you happy.

Money also has other benefits—like healthy eating. Of course, being able to afford good healthcare and more nutritious foods contribute to your health, but even more than this: money makes you happy and being happy makes you healthy. A study of more than seven thousand adults backs that up. Those who experienced positive well-being were significantly more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and be physically active.1 Don’t prove the old saying to be true that people spend their health chasing wealth, then spend their wealth chasing their health.2 Money makes you happy, and happy makes you healthy.

Rich dad poor dad: What the rich teach their kids about money

I can’t afford to treat myself to this or that”, while the latter would say: “How can I treat myself?”
The rich father in this book teaches two small boys some invaluable lessons about money through their own experiences. The most important one is undoubtedly to understand on how to best use your mind and your time to create your own wealth through business and investments.
Get out of the rat race. Learn how to seize opportunities, find solutions, take care of your business and investments and most especially, learn how to make money work for you and not be its slave!