The benefits of reading and how long should i read a day?

How Many Hours Should I Read a Day? The question of how many hours a day people should read has been debated for years and is difficult to answer. Having a set time every day and sticking to it is the most important thing in this respect, rather than setting an exact number of hours. If you're a reader or want to be one because of the many benefits it can offer, buying a book or get a Netflix based subscription for books will help you get started. If you don't read on a daily basis, then try spending at...

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Top 8 Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books

For so many reasons, eBooks are better than printed books. From built in features and cost to convenience and immediacy, the world of publishing has been digitized. We've rounded up the ten biggest advantages of eBook reading over traditional book reading below. The debate on whether to read printed books or digital books is an old one. Which one does one prefer? There are people who would rather stick to their books, while others enjoy reading from their tablets. Thanks to the increasing number of tech-savvy consumers, many companies are going digital in an attempt to serve this larger segment...

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