Netflix habits you can use to read books

Stop wasting time on Netflix and use it to read books instead, feel great about yourself and your mind. It’s time to cut the cord with Netflix! Here’s why. Why can you binge TV shows like Friends, Squid Game or Game of Thrones for hours on end without getting bored? And that you can finish an entire season of Breaking Bad in just a week? Netflix cancellations are increasing because of recent controversies and the selection of movies on video on demand services has been getting duller, but now might be the right time to get into reading. Watching just...

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A Netflix for books: Subscription based

netflix books subscription

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world with a wide variety of movies and TV shows to choose from. Netflix was founded in 1997 as a DVD-by-mail service but soon turned into an online streaming service that we know today. The idea of a Netflix for books is not new. With the increased demand for eBooks and audiobooks, as well as the rise of self-publishing, more and more people are looking for a subscription service that will provide them with unlimited books. Bookcity.io offers subscribers unlimited access to all book titles in its library....

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Books you can’t put down about finance

The psychology of money The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, “I can do whatever I want today.” People want to become wealthier to make them happier. Happiness is a complicated subject because everyone’s different. But if there’s a common denominator in happiness—a universal fuel of joy—it’s that people want to control their lives. The ability to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, for as long as you want, is priceless. It is the highest dividend money pays READ BOOK Your money or your life What is...

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Books you can’t put down about communication

The social skills guidebook This book is for anyone who feels they need to brush up on their social skills. Maybe you feel shy, anxious, and insecure around people. You struggle to make conversation and leave a good impression on others. You’re lonely and isolated and don’t go out nearly as often as you’d like, or you only have a few casual acquaintances and want some closer relationships. Maybe all of the above. Maybe you feel like you somehow missed out on learning the unwritten social rules that everyone else seemed to have gotten the hang of by the time they...

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Books you can’t put down by great Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs Steve Jobs is the biography of co-founder of Apple and Pixar. Steve Jobs was a man with an intense passion for creating revolutionary products. The iPhone, iPad, iPod and other products were all first-in-the-market items and are still used today on a daily basis. His personality constantly changed to focus on what he needed in that moment. With his vision he and actions he became one of the most influential CEO of all times.He was a hippie who created Apple. A trillion dollar business that sells shiny consumer products with incredible profit margins Not only was he a...

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How to add an ebook (ePUB or PDF) to a Kobo ereader?

kobo ereader

Here are some simple steps on how to add an ePub or PDF file to the Kobo ereader How to add ePUB or PDF books to your eReader on a windows computer? 1. Connect your eReader to your computer using the USB cable. Your eReader will prompt you to either keep reading or manage your library. You can use either the Desktop Application or PC/Mac web browser to do that. 2. Use the Navigation Pad to click "Manage Library". Windows should then detect that you connected a new device. 3. When prompted with an unknown action, select 'Open folder to...

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How to Transfer Files From Your Computer to Your Kindle?

If you have files on your computer that you want on your Kindle Paperwhite, a USB connection and transfer is quick & easy. You can also email or send them over using the Send to Kindle Reading App but it might take a while to do this. Mac and Windows users can use a USB connection to transfer content from their computers to their Kindles. The Kindle will appear as mass storage device when plugged into a computer. You will need a USB cable to transfer files from your computer. Check the following system requirements to make sure your computer...

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