How to add an ebook (ePUB or PDF) to a Kobo ereader?

kobo ereader

Here are some simple steps on how to add an ePub or PDF file to the Kobo ereader

How to add ePUB or PDF books to your eReader on a windows computer?

1. Connect your eReader to your computer using the USB cable. Your eReader will prompt you to either keep reading or manage your library. You can use either the Desktop Application or PC/Mac web browser to do that.

2. Use the Navigation Pad to click “Manage Library”. Windows should then detect that you connected a new device.

3. When prompted with an unknown action, select ‘Open folder to view files’. A window should open showing the contents of your eReader.

4. In a new Explorer window, find the eBook file you want to move to your eReader and drag it onto that window.

5.You can unplug your eReader and read your new books now.

If you want to read eBooks on a Mac, this article will teach you how to add ePUB or PDF books on your eReader with just a few clicks.

1. To use it, plug the supplied USB cable into your computer and your eReader. The screen will prompt you to press a button depending on what you want to do:

2. Select “Manage Library” using the Navigation Pad

3. On your computer, open your Finder application.

4. Select the KOBO eReader from your list of devices. Finder should display the contents of your device

5. In another Finder window, navigate to where you stored the eBooks you want to transfer to your eReader.

6. You can now disconnect your eReader and read new books. Turn it on and you will find the new books in either the “ebooks” area if they were in ePUBs format, or in the “documents” area if they were PDF documents.

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