Netflix habits you can use to read books

Stop wasting time on Netflix and use it to read books instead, feel great about yourself and your mind.

It’s time to cut the cord with Netflix! Here’s why. Why can you binge TV shows like Friends, Squid Game or Game of Thrones for hours on end without getting bored? And that you can finish an entire season of Breaking Bad in just a week?

Netflix cancellations are increasing because of recent controversies and the selection of movies on video on demand services has been getting duller, but now might be the right time to get into reading. Watching just one season of a popular series can take up as much time a good book.

Don’t throw away your Netflix habits just yet. With the habits you have developed, this could be an opportunity to rediscover reading instead!

Reading is an important and underestimated skill. Combining it with your Netflix habits will help you get smarter. You’ll have more reading time, you’ll learn new vocabulary, and you’ll be exposed to new things every day! We’ve compiled a list of 13 ways in which reading books can be just like/similar to watching Netflix for the many benefits listed above.

6 ways to maximize your Netflix habits time for reading

1. Daily routine

With services like, you can read your favorite books whenever and wherever you want.

Reading is a great way to unwind after a long day and evening might be the best time for you to do it. Why not read for half an hour before going to bed? Spend the time you usually watch Netflix on reading (after all, by doing so, you’ll be able to increase vocabulary and knowledge). Alternatively, you could use the book as a lead-up by reading half an hour a day before spending the rest of your free time watching Netflix.

2. Activity while watching

What’s a typical activity while watching Netflix? You may indulge in lots of little things that make you feel good– like snuggling up in bed with a bag of chips, watching a movie with the family. What if you could eat a bag of good chips while reading your favorite book?

Reading has been shown to increase happiness and so does watching movies. You could apply the same types of habits that you use with reading books to watching Netflix. For example, maybe start by reading a chapter of one book.

If you love watching movies with a glass of wine – make sure to have one next to you when reading a new book. If you love TV series and snacks while watching them – start your new book with some yummy snacks of your own!

3. Go off the grid

Putting your phone on silent is a way of telling yourself that you deserve some down time and don’t want to be interrupted. It’s also a great way of making sure you are present with the people who are nearby while keeping other things in mind at the same time.

It’s pretty common for people to put their phone on DND or Airplane Mode when they want to focus on watching videos or reading blogs. Why not do the same for reading Ebooks

If you love reading ebooks on your iPhone or iPad and have trouble putting down your phone, we recommend using one of these distraction-blocking apps to escape the digital world.

4. Overwhelmed by choice

Choosing what to watch on Netflix or HBO Go can be a tricky choice. Big data tells us that people spend on average five minutes just browsing through different genres before deciding on an episode to watch.

If you’ve ever looked at the search results in Google and scrolled all the way down before finding anything that looks interesting, it’s not your fault. You go on Google and spend a considerable amount of time searching for TV recommendations or end up scrolling through multiple pages of high-quality movies on your Netflix account before finding one you want to watch

When browsing for a new movie topic, what keywords do you typically type into a search engine? How would you even go about finding reputable film recommendations? Do you spend time looking for the perfect recommendation to add to your list of movies-to-watch?

One of the ways that I find new movies to watch is by asking people what films they would recommend. The same idea can apply to finding new books and authors.

It’s a lot easier to find a book you like. One reason is that there are many more books in certain categories. Take self-help for instance . Self-help is a category that has many books.The second reason is that it’s easier to find what you want if you look for a specific book. For example, someone who wants a self-help book might search “self-help books.” Or someone looking for action and adventure novels might search “action and adventure novels

5. Testing out new series

Once you’ve finally found a show to watch, you test it out by watching the first episode to see if it’s worth binging.

However, not many people know that one can easily do the same with books – by reading the free sample or reviews on goodreads

The best thing is that you can have unlimited number of ebooks if you decide to go for an ebook subscription, for only 5$ a month on This is a good thing because you can read the entire book as soon as you find it!

6. Plan ahead

Downloading movies in anticipation of a vacation is usually instinctive for most of us. We want to make sure we can watch them even if the internet connection isn’t great or not available at all, so it just helps to have them all available beforehand.

If you plan your summer vacation, you can plan your reading schedule as well. Having a plan eliminates having to lug too many books with you for reading on vacation and increases the readability of what you take with you – in order to keep it as enjoyable as possible.

With you don’t have to worry about the problems that come with owning a physical books. You can do everything in one efficient place, no matter what kind of internet access you hav

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