Do It Today: Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity, and Achieve More Meaningful Things

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Do It Today, Not Tomorrow

I always have to keep reminding myself of that. When you procrastinate, you always want to do it tomorrow. I’m still like that. I think that’s hardwired into us. The difference between me now, and three years ago is small but simple: I rely on a system to live a productive, happy, and purposeful life.”

This book is not about life hacks, productivity tips, or any other tactics. We all know about those things. Sure, now and then I share tactical advice that I’ve applied to achieve more in less time. However, this book contains a collection of articles that I handpicked to help you get more clarity in life.
The recipe for a good life is simple: Get clear on what you want and eliminate everything else from your life. The process is simple, yet it took me many years to figure those things out. And this book is my journey. Sure, you can find the articles in this book on my blog, but they are not presented in the right order. A blog is organic. I write about the challenges that I face. But with a book, I can give you a structured body of work that serves a specific purpose.
Do It Today is my path and blueprint for overcoming the endless procrastination, improving my productivity, and getting more meaningful things done. And it can be yours too.”


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Table of Contents

Part I: Overcoming Procrastination
Do It Today, Not Tomorrow
What I Do When I Can’t Focus
How To Beat Procrastination (backed by science)
How To Stop Wasting Time and Improve Your Personal Effectiveness
The Habits Of Unproductive People You Don’t Want To Copy
This 30-Minute Evening Ritual Will Help You To Kick Life In The Ass.
Why Disconnecting From The Internet Improves Your Focus
The Single Biggest Reason Most People Procrastinate In Life
This Ancient Habit Will Maximize Your Focus
How To Focus Better: Manage Your Attention (not your time)

Part II: Improving Productivity
Smartphones Harm Your Productivity More Than You Think
How Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Productivity
How To Read 100 Books A Year
Take A Vacation: It Boosts Your Productivity And Reduces Stress
Eliminate Mindless Browsing
20 Things That Will Make You More Productive Than Ever
Here’s Why Time Off Work Actually IMPROVES Your Work and Life
Time Blocking: Improve Your Focus And Get More Meaningful Work Done
I Stopped Working Out Daily. Here’s What Happened.
If You Want To Be More Productive, Research Shows

Part III: Achieving More
Don’t Know What You Want? Improve These 7 Universal Skills
Leave The Office On Time and Don’t Take Your Work Home
Consistency Is Key: Improve By 0.1% Every Day
Who Says You Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?
If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It
Don’t Compete. Create!
All Strength Comes From Repetition
How I Measure My Life
Why You Should Live Like You’re Immortal
The Power Of Compounding