Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

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This book requires you to commit to a better you right now. My aim is to help you become better than the person you were yesterday, every day, in each and every way, for the rest of your life. If you wake up with this desire in your mind and then consciously follow up on it, you’ll be surprised by how much inspiration you find. Your life will begin to reflect your commitment to progress.

Greatness isn’t a one-dimensional term. Although it’s subjective, most will associate the word with having a special talent, lots of money or material possessions, authority or status, and big achievements under their belt. But true greatness goes deeper than that. It cannot exist without purpose, love, selflessness, humility, appreciation, kindness and, of course – our highest priority as human beings – happiness. When I think of greatness, I think of reaching a level of mastery across all avenues of life and making a positive impact on the world. Great people aren’t just the high rollers in life, but those who we value as amazing inhabitants of this world.

You deserve a greater life and this book will help you create it.

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