Make Art With Artificial Intelligence: Make and Sell Your Art With AI, Blockchain and NFT

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Make Art With Artificial Intelligence: Make and Sell Your Art With AI, Blockchain and NFT

“I mentioned digital assets but how do you sell an illustration or a drawing that you just created? In the blockchain everything is a contract that defines some unique information about an asset that you sell. One type of contract that people frequently use to sell digital art is called NFT, or non-fungible tokens .

This name means that they are authentic originating from the source who created the contract, immutable, meaning they cannot be changed or modified. Interestingly, as part of this contract you can specify a commission or a percentage you receive as an author of the original contract from each sale, presumably forever in the future, or at least for as long as blockchain exists. This contract cannot be changed, so whoever buys or sells your art in the future is guaranteed to pay you a commission.

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“How to use AI super-tools to make and sell your art with AI, blockchain and NFTs.

“This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to use artificial intelligence for art and creativity and explore new ways to create, improve and sell your artwork.

Classical drawing and illustration tutorials can teach you many things, but after reading many of them, I realized that there’s nothing out there, that explains the best art super-tool ever created: Artificial Intelligence . Let’s face it, with AI getting closer to human brain in capacity, our creativity will never be the same. Oh, yes, AI can help you make many “amazing things! Think of this book as v3.0 of your drawing class manual on how to sketch, draw, apply light, color, style, emotion, expressions, perspective, generate animations, speech and more with AI…

Most classical drawing books also don’t tell you how to sell your art. A piece of AI artwork sold at Christie’s for $69 million recently, signaling a new era in art, and even more art worth millions sells digitally. In chapter How to Sell Your Art , I share tips on another super-tool or rather super-gallery for selling your art, called blockchain and NFTs. Learn how to set up your gallery in minutes!  

Art, Illustration and Online Resources:   All illustrations in this book are made or augmented with AI, check more original artwork, tutorials, and sketches, along with these resources:

The Art of AI collection – all original illustrations, sketches and digital assets for practicing are available on blockchain. If you’ve never owned a digital asset, they are like authentic records that trace ownership from an originating artist, stored forever in the blockchain, the most trusted and secure general ledger on this planet.

Online Code Tutorials – notebooks, code and references repository. Best with video tutorial subscription.

Best with video tutorial subscription.

Create and improve your skills with AI: I tried this method of making art with AI , myself and with other folks, most people can see an improvement in drawing and illustration skills in a few weeks, even if you are like me, not a professional artist. It’s a lot of fun: you can apply this method in art, illustration, animation, and other creative endeavors. Never fear, you can use AI in art, even if you are not a professional data scientist. If you ever opened a Photoshop tutorial you can use AI methods, I’m describing here. Many designers and graphical artists use digital tools, but very few realize how to enhance or augment the work with artificial intelligence. Be the trailblazer, and this book will help you explore ways to partner with AI in your creativity!