People Skills for Analytical Thinkers: Boost Your Communication and Advance Your Career – and Life

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Your analytical skills are incredibly valuable. However, rational thinking alone isn’t enough. Have you ever: Presented an idea, but then no one seemed to care? Explained your analysis, only to leave your colleague confused? Struggled to work with people who are less analytical and more emotional? ​ In such situations, people skills make the difference. And that’s what this book focuses on: boosting your communication skills as an analytical thinker. ​ Research shows people skills are becoming increasingly important in the workplace, so start learning today. ​ Filled with academic insights, exercises, and stories, this book will change your career. What you will learn ​ Having fun and productive interactions, even with people who don’t have an analytical personality Boost your confidence and increase your empathy Learn how to deal with small-talk you don’t enjoy Advance your communication skills and build relationships (th)at work Become incredibly persuasive by avoiding the single mistake that almost everyone makes

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