The Camper’s Survival Guide: Food Prepping, Gear, First Aid, Etiquette, and More!

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When caravanning on your first (or subsequent) trip, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Follow these tips to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant time:

Before you set off, make a list of what needs to be secured. So don’t worry about needing to take time for the task at hand because secure all the items beforehand. Also, if doors aren’t shut properly, they could swing open when turning the vehicle and cause damage to other furniture.

“Height Restriction” is found on the side of some roads to alert drivers that they might not be obeying the law if they continue down that way. To make sure your caravan is safe & not damaged, you need to make sure to adhere to these rules.Before setting off, write down the dimensions of the vehicle – you can find them out by looking online (take into account any added extras, such as a bike rack or roof box) or measuring it yourself – and display the measurements so they’re easy to see when you’re driving. When you are travelling, it might be easier to convert your measurements into the country’s usable measurements. So, please make a note of the following conversions:

  Keep the manual on you at all times – this will have all the key information you need if you encounter a problem with your caravan. Have a list of local mechanics handy. Be sure to have an auto insurance and breakdown coverage before taking a carvan trip.

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