The Power Is Within You audiobook

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Self love is the most important gift we can give ourself, because when we love who we are we will not hurt ourself, and not hurt others. with inner peace there would be no wars, no gangs, no terrorist and no homeless. There will be no cancer, no diseases. no starvation, no poverty, So this to me is the prescription to peace. We have the power within us to change this.

In The Power Is Within You, Louise L. Hay expands her philosophies of loving the self through:
– learning to listen and trust the inner voice;
– loving the child within;
– letting our true feelings out;
– the responsibility of parenting;
– releasing our fear about growing older;
– allowing ourselves to receive prosperity;
– expressing our creativity;
– accepting change as a natural part of life;
– creating a world that is ecologically sound where it’s safe to love each other;
– and much more.

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