Top 8 Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books

For so many reasons, eBooks are better than printed books. From built in features and cost to convenience and immediacy, the world of publishing has been digitized. We’ve rounded up the ten biggest advantages of eBook reading over traditional book reading below.

The debate on whether to read printed books or digital books is an old one. Which one does one prefer? There are people who would rather stick to their books, while others enjoy reading from their tablets. Thanks to the increasing number of tech-savvy consumers, many companies are going digital in an attempt to serve this larger segment of their community.

With publishing starting to go digital, reading has become more convenient for readers.

E-books have become more popular in schools and companies. They provide an engaging and easy way to learn.We’ve compiled a list of 8 advantages of ebooks over traditional printed books.

1. One Device, Many Books:

eBooks are lightweight, portable & have a very long battery life. With them you can carry your whole library instead of carrying around bulky books. It saves space and makes it easy to just start with a clean slate, without worrying about the storage limit.

A single device is all you need to read any number of books. This is perfect for students, who no longer have to carry a heavy bag full of books around with them everyday. I can store all my favorite books in this little device, which is way more than I’ll ever be able to read during my life.

2. Accessible Everywhere:

eBooks are great because you can download them for offline use. You can then read them whenever and wherever you want. Mostly it’s EPUB file, or MOBI for Kindle. The ability to read e-books wherever and whenever has made people’s lives much more practical. Whether it be during study hours or even at work, readers have the ability to learn from whichever device they please. Additionally, many mobile devices offer offline access in case of emergencies.

We are not just able to browse and buy books online: we can also download them onto a device to read at our leisure.

3. Easily Updates:

The contents on the eBooks are mostly cloud-based, which makes it easier for writers and publishers to be updated and give you the latest content. This helps save reprint costs as well as time when there’s updates.

4. Shareable Content:

People can like and share what they read on social media with an e-book. You can’t do that with a hardcover book.

Though physical books can only be read by one person at a time, digital books and eBooks allow for many different people to share it at once. This is good for both students and employees, who can collaborate on projects with each other.

5. Easy on the Eyes:

Smart eReaders these days come with light adjustment settings that allow you to adjust the brightness sensitivity according to your personal preferences.

Many eReaders have a “read in the dark” feature for your convenience, with LED lights that won’t strain your eyes. You can change the typeface and even control the size of the text. Basically, you can make it as easy to read as you want.

6. Audiobook feature:

eBooks are designed with text-to-speech or read aloud features. This means that you can listen to your book if you’re busy driving, doing chores, or just feel more comfortable listening to it.

This feature is also helpful for children and adults with disabilities. It helps improve user understanding of words and how they are pronounced.

7. Environment Friendly :

eBooks save trees! They don’t require paper, so precious resources are preserved. Up to 2.2 million books are published annually and average around 3 million trees per year.

If we replaced all books with digital eBooks, the forest would be saved and it would reduce the carbon footprint. Digital books don’t need to be shipped around or made, which is why they’re good for the environment.

There are a lot of processes you can get rid of thanks to eBooks, making them better for the environment than books.

8. Affordable in the Long Run:

Some people might feel that because it’s a new technology and device, the cost would be higher than that of printed books. But this just isn’t correct. eBooks cost much less than printed books. There’s not much production needed before they’re published which means more money in your pocket!

The cost of printed books puts a lot of people off because they have to pay for something they’re not going to use. eBooks don’t have these problems, so it’s much easier for people to buy them and get creative with them by uploading their own cover designs or changing the formatting. eBooks have a lot of advantages over printed books. One of them is the ability for readers to interact with the content, allowing for a more immersive reading experience. You can’t do those things with a printed book.

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